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Future Migration
Scenarios for Europe

A Horizon 2020 project.

Abstract. The local circumstances play a major role in the migration process, from the decision to migrate through the transit process up to the settlement in the destination countries. Nearly all international migrants move to – generally the largest – cities in destination countries, either directly, or after one or more internal moves. This is also the case across Europe, where population growth in many cities can be largely attributed to an influx of migrants. At the same time, in countries of origin the largest cities often function as gateways to destinations abroad. Many potential migrants in villages and small towns in origin countries first move to these larger cities before leaving their country. Cities, therefore, both in countries of origin and destination, are significant determinants of global migration and small-scale local knowledge on migration is necessary to avoid misleading results associated with the limitations arising from the use of global or national patterns only. FUME will therefore focus on understanding the patterns, motivations and modalities of migration at multiple geographical scales, from international through regional to the local, and on imagining possible futures. FUME will determine 1) the major factor explaining migrant movement patterns by analysing regional and local circumstances that either attract migrants or ‘push’ potential migrants to move, and 2) elaborate how possible future regional socio-demographic, economic and environmental challenges may shape future migrant movement patterns in Europe. FUME will support appropriate planning and policymaking by formulating integrated and coherent visions of how migration to and within Europe might evolve under different scenarios relating to potential demographic, socio-economic, political and environmental challenges.



Please contact Carsten Kessler with any inquiries about FUME.

FUME Kick-Off Conference

The project will start with a public one-day conference where the consortium partners present themselves and their role in the project. Moreover, invited speakers will present their work from closely related projects.

The conference will be held at Aalborg University Copenhagen, A. C. Meyers Vænge 15, DK-2450 Copenhagen, Conference room: 1.001 (Konferencesalen).

Participation in the conference is free of charge, but we ask attentands to register so we can prepare name tags and make sure we have sufficient space for everyone.

online registration


   9:00 Arrival, registration

   9:30 Welcome & introduction to FUME (Henning Sten Hansen, AAU)
        Keynote by Christian Albrekt Larsen (FLOW Project, AAU):
        Mass migration and generous welfare states. Compatible or

  10:30 ☕️ Coffee break

  11:00 Presentation of related EU projects and initiatives:
        Jakub Bijak:     The QuantMig Project (University of
                         Southampton) 📹
        Tuba Bircan:     The Hummingbird Project (Vrije
                         Universiteit Brussel)
        Jesper Tjaden:   The CrossMigration Project (International
                         Organization for Migration, Berlin) 📹
        Fabrizio Natale: The Knowledge Centre for Migration and
                         Demography (Joint Research Centre,
                         European Commission)

  12:30 🥙 Lunch

  13:30 Presentations of FUME consortium partners and their
        contributions to the project (10 min each)

  15:00 ☕️ Coffee break

  15:30 Round table discussion: The future of migration scenarios
        (Participants TBA)

  17:00 Closing (Carsten Kessler, AAU)

  📹 = by video